We thank the Celtic Foundation for carrying on the good work of Walfrid and co.


“A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and the unemployed.”


The above statement was released after a meeting at St Mary’s Church Hall in the Calton on the 6th of November 1887 during which Celtic Football Club was officially created.


Today, the club continues on looking after the most marginalsed citizens of Glasgow through the Celtic Foundation and we would like to thank them for another donation to our group as part of their 2018 Christmas Appeal.


The kind donation of £5,000 will help us to look after our friends on the streets and will also go toward new projects we are currently discussing.


The Invisibles would not be able to operate in the manner we do without the help the Celtic Foundation have given us over the years.


Previously they helped us raise funds to buy our van and last year they directed an anonymous donor our way who handed us a very significant sum of money. And, every year they also give us all the leftover sleeping bags from their Sleep Out for us to hand out on the streets.


Our Dermot at last year’s Sleep Out at Celtic Park, pictured with some of the guys from the Foundation. 


Added to that they have also liaised with us to get homeless people off the streets and up to Celtic Park to take part in training programmes and they hold a lunch at the stadium for the homeless every year.


From everyone in our group we would like to say a big thank you to the Celtic Foundation. They should be proud of themselves for carrying on the charitable ethos Brother Walfrid envisioned for the club all those years ago.


Hail Hail!

3 thoughts on “We thank the Celtic Foundation for carrying on the good work of Walfrid and co.”

  1. Hail hail keep up the good fight I have been nightshift for the last two weeks working in the town so have seen at first hand how these poor guys are trying to survive in sub zero temperatures. What a disgrace that our society has fallen so low to allow this in a wealthy first world country !!

    Best wishes and God bless you all


  2. Outstanding fae the foundation. I’m looking to volunteer with the invisibles and was wondering, if could email me some contact details of whoever deals with that side of things. I’m available most nights and currently volunteering in a foodbank during the day. If could contact me thru email please. Walk tall my friend, u guys provide a much needed, valuable service, to the most marginalised people in our sorry state for a society. I have been following blogs fae the start of them and my hat I tip to u guys. Hope to hear fae u guys soon. Brian

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