Merry Christmas and Thanks to Everyone.


Before we start we would like to point out that whilst the Winter Shelter has just opened in the LHM there are still lots of rough-sleepers, like the person above, choosing not to use the facility and sleeping out on our freezing streets instead.


All we hear are plans and pledges to tackle homelessness but as far as we can see nothing is changing on the ground.


Meanwhile, The Invisibles would like to thank the kind citizens of Glasgow and beyond for all your help throughout the year.


To stay independent, we do not bid for government or council funding, so we rely on your help and we could not operate without it.


For instance, we handed out some Christmas parcels to our friends on the street in the week past and we were able to do so only thanks to generous donations from three different sources.


To that end we would like to thank: Karen and Kate, pictured below with their donation at our store, from the Alison Lea Medical Centre in East Kilbride, Claire and Debbie from Babcock Rail and another lady Lesley dropped by some items too.


The Green Brigade are another group who we owe our gratitude too. After their recent food drive, we were lucky enough to receive another generous cash donation from the guys. This is testament to their social fibre and they are no ordinary crowd of football supporters.



One of our men, Robert, works in the city-centre and as well as his voluntary duties he is always active and helping our friends on the street as he goes to and from work. His colleagues at the Glasgow Dental Centre also help too and we’d like to extend our thanks to them all for their help with our winter jacket and reverse calendar appeals. In particular Heather, Caryn-Ann, Katrina, Christine, Leeaane, Alan, Aileen, Dora, Irene and Trish have all been a big help and we can only hope they continue to do good things next year.



Finally, the boys at Mill United Colts 2005s decided to help the homeless this Christmas and donated some items to us to distribute on the street. Thanks lads!


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