No More Jackets!


Donations keep pouring in and we have had to take the decision to end our appeal and refuse anymore offers of clothing.


We only have so much space and there are only so any homeless people in Glasgow so we will kindly have to refuse any offers of help in the immediate future. This is becoming an increasingly bigger problem but is testament to the kindness of Glaswegians.


Our pals at Help 4 The Homeless already released a statement a few days ago asking for no more clothing for the time being.


A lot of awareness has been created around homelessness in the past five years or so and donations of clothing and offers to volunteer from the general public are constant. If it were down to the will of the people there would be nobody on our streets but sadly the policy makers don’t share the same spirit.


Perhaps the best way the public can help in the immediate future is to demand action politically. David Cameron told us about his Big Society of foodbanks and voluntary work that would get Britain out of austerity.


Now they tell us we are out of austerity but they have decimated our welfare state and public sector and are doing nothing to help us recover. People do make Glasgow but there is only so much we can do without the political will to change.


We’ll be back on the streets this week handing out your kind donations regardless.

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