Thanks to One and All.


Our winter jacket collection last weekend was a resounding success and we took in enough to last us at least a year.


As we have mentioned already this was organised by Michelle, who passed away last month, so making sure the collection went well was very important to us all.


The jackets will be distributed to rough-sleepers and others in need and we would like to relay our thanks to each and everyone of you who helped us help others.



In fact we took in so much we didn’t have the storage space for it all and we gave a big bundle of clothing to our pal Jason at Safestore who is going to ration it our to Women’s Aid among others.


Last weekend was also the Celtic sleepout. We were given the used sleeping bags and mats afterwards and want to thank those involved for their help.


The Green Brigade also made a donation of £500 to our group after their recent food drive. The lads have been kind to us over the years so, again, we want to extend our appreciation.

Our buddies at St Roch’s Juniors also provided a collection point for the collection and we were given a huge amount from the guys at the Candy.


We really were taken aback by your generosity and want you all to know we could not operate without such kindness.







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