Thank you, Hoidy and co!

The Invisibles were grateful to receive a recent donation of £1000 from the Twitter user, @Hoidy.


Hoidy and a group of pals sold some pin badges in honour of a Celtic player and the profits raised all went to charity.


As well as our donation they also donated to the venerable Clinton Pringle Project.


We caught up with Hoidy to relay our thanks and he said: “I’ve been aware of The Invisibles for a while now and have always admired the work they do.


“I think it’s important that people look out for others in their community and having lived in the East End of Glasgow my whole life I’ve seen some of the damage homelessness can cause.


“I didn’t expect to raise half the money that we eventually raised and I think as well as the cash donation I would hope we helped to raise awareness too.”


Their donation will be used to buy essential items for the rough-sleeping community in Glasgow.


With the winter approaching and our service becoming more crucial to the rough-sleeping community we will be more active on the website and posting weekly updates – so be sure to keep an eye out.

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