A Homeless Man

  • When I woke up on Tuesday morning I looked out the window and selfishly thought of the impact the snow would have on my travel plans and my daffodils.

It was around lunchtime when I got the news that “a homeless man” had been found dead at 9.10am on Argyll Street outside a department store.

This type of news immediately worries me, I’m always afraid that the deceased is someone we have or are currently engaging with at Cadogan Street.

It was confirmed to us on Wednesday night that it was Matthew Bloomer who had passed away and I remember Matthew from a conversation we had about Seagulls and Aberdeen.

Matthew was a Father, Son, Brother and much loved Uncle but he didn’t have a roof and four walls to protect him from the elements.

Our volunteers will be gathering on Tuesday 28th March at 7pm at TJ Hughes to show our respects for a young man who lost his life in such tragic circumstances.

Any one that wants to join us is more than welcome.

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