It’s “T” Time – Sleeping Bag Update


Well, it’s that time of year again when thousands flock to Scotland’s most popular music festival and we are inundated with enquiries regarding unwanted sleeping bags.

We have been offered a very large donation of sleeping bags from Tangerine Fields, which we will collect on the 14th July and store for distribution later in the year; this negates the need for collection points at Buchanan Street Bus Station and on site at the festival.

The success of last year’s collection was supplemented by the very successful Glasgow Rucksack Project and all the charities helping Glasgow’s homeless community benefitted from your generosity.

The Glasgow homeless charities that we’ve contacted over the past few weeks are confident that this year’s large donation together with the Rucksack Appeal planned for later in the year will mean they have a good supply to see them through the winter.

Anyone wishing to donate sleeping bags should hold onto them till the Rucksack Appeal, we’ll have more news on that later in the year.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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