The Invisibles Wish List Appeal

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We are launching a campaign for the month of June for the most needed items of Men’s underwear,     socks and belts through our Amazon Wish list:

If you purchase a pack of men’s boxer shorts for example, they are delivered directly to our storage unit in Dalmarnock, then our Volunteers distribute them to the Charities and Outreach teams in Glasgow who are working to alleviate homelessness in our city.

We trialled the wish list earlier this year and it has been a tremendous success, through your generosity, organisations such as Destiny’s Angels, Glasgow Simon Community RSVP Hub , Salt and Light to name a few, were able to provide some of our most vulnerable in society with clean warm clothing and sleeping bags.

All of our stock of underwear, socks and belts has gone out to our most needy; therefore we need your help to see them through the next couple of months.

If you prefer to purchase said items elsewhere you can contact us for details of how to arrange delivery etc.

Thanks in Advance

The Invisibles

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