Sleeping Bag Campaign Success.

Firstly let me thank everyone who helped in the sleeping bag campaign, the troops who attended TITP and donated their sleeping bags on their return, the volunteers who helped gather the sleeping bags.

The invisibles campaign has taken off with great gusto, even going as far as coverage from STV a special thanks to David Bateman who ran with the story, previous coverage from Ginny Clark at

What started off as a blog (rant) has become a reality…the group who run See the Invisibles are uber enthusiastic, I was appointed chairman but that position was give to me to keep me quiet, the group organise themselves and do it superbly, there is no leader required even though they have given me the title of a certain Korean dictator…I’m sure they are kidding…well I hope so .

Our first collection was at Easter by church of the Nazarene which was a success , the Wayside club being the beneficiaries, now the TITP collection was phenomenal nearly 1,000 sleeping bags collected and already some of them have been donated, the young folk who sometimes get a bad press really stood up to the plate and delivered the goods, the kids are alright…we had volunteers on Friday handing out leaflets to the troops heading up to Belado  and the way they engaged with us was great, we then went back to Buchanan bus station and the response was overwhelming, as I watched it all unfold I have to say it was very emotional .

I watched the story on STV’s Riverside programme and I will be honest and say I had a tear in my eye…to be honest I was greeting , then we had Eddie Toner on the later show( face for the radio), he put our cause across very well.

Let’s hope this is just the start of something big…I’m sure it is.
Once again a huge thanks everyone involved.






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