Reaching out to those who need us.

  In recent weeks we have started an outreach operation and have moved onto the streets in search of rough-sleepers due to decreasing numbers at Cadogan Street.   Cadogan Street has been our base for a number of years now and with a few other homeless services nearby it seemed to be the best place to find rough-sleepers. However, in recent times there just haven't been the same numbers coming along and sometimes we can wait weeks before we see a genuine rough-sleeper.   That is not to say those who do come…Read more

We thank the Celtic Foundation for carrying on the good work of Walfrid and co.

  "A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and the unemployed."   The above statement was released after a meeting at St Mary's Church Hall in the Calton on the 6th of November 1887 during which Celtic Football Club was officially created.   Today, the club continues on looking after the most marginalsed citizens of Glasgow through the Celtic Foundation and we would like to thank them for another donation to our group as part of their 2018 Christmas Appeal.   The kind donation of…Read more