Merry Christmas and Thanks to Everyone.

  Before we start we would like to point out that whilst the Winter Shelter has just opened in the LHM there are still lots of rough-sleepers, like the person above, choosing not to use the facility and sleeping out on our freezing streets instead.   All we hear are plans and pledges to tackle homelessness but as far as we can see nothing is changing on the ground.   Meanwhile, The Invisibles would like to thank the kind citizens of Glasgow and beyond for all your help throughout the year.   To…Read more

Peak Homelessness at Sleep Out in the Park.

The homeless industry gets its coffers filled by donations from the public.    This weekend past was peak homelessness as the annual Sleep Out in the Park event took place in four cities across Scotland.   Last year we were told that they raised £4 million to go towards tackling, or ending, homelessness. This year at least the the same will be raised again and that can be added to the lump sum of £10 million Nicola Sturgeon promised every year for the next five years   But what are they doing to…Read more