The Invisibles keep on truckin.

    As we gathered down at Cadogan Street last week after Volunteer McFarlane’s funeral a few days beforehand there was something of a hangover in the air.   Saying farewell to Michelle took its toll on us all but we will carry on and are determined follow through with her plans.   The announcement by a group of business people led by James Mortimer that they intend to drive beggars and homeless people out of Glasgow City Centre had riled Michelle and she wanted it pointed out that they are only a…Read more

Farewell Michelle

  After a busy night helping our friends on the street tonight The Invisibles took a moment to remember Michelle ahead of her funeral on Friday.   Joined by her son and husband and friends Mel and Sheila from Help 4 The Homeless we lit candles and pyro to honour the woman who made our group what it is today.   We will do our level best to continue on her good work.   Goodbye, Michelle.    Read more

RIP Volunteer McFarlane

    We were devastated this morning to learn of the sad passing of one of our volunteers, Michelle McFarlane.   Michelle was a wonderful human being who championed for the downtrodden and was the biggest driving force behind our group.   She is a massive loss and we won't be able to replace her.   We would like to take this opportunity to offer our condolences to the family.Read more

Wednesday Nights on Cadogan Street

Wednesday Nights on Cadogan Street         One of our friends appearing last week at Cadogan Street after a long absence served us with a timely reminder that nobody will be ending homelessness anytime soon.   The lady in question was back on the street after recently being evicted from her new Temporary Furnished Flat (TFF). However, this was not the first time, and won’t be the last, she has broken the rules set in place by the council and been sent back to the bottom of the homeless ladder.  …Read more

Thank you, Hoidy and co!

The Invisibles were grateful to receive a recent donation of £1000 from the Twitter user, @Hoidy.   Hoidy and a group of pals sold some pin badges in honour of a Celtic player and the profits raised all went to charity.   As well as our donation they also donated to the venerable Clinton Pringle Project.   We caught up with Hoidy to relay our thanks and he said: “I've been aware of The Invisibles for a while now and have always admired the work they do.   “I think it's important that people look out for others in their…Read more